MENU GUIDE: It is good to know what you want in the way of snacks and meals so that we can use the limited storage space to best effect. We keep many items on board at all times (see below). But let us know what sort of menu you want.

GREASY SPOON: Bacon rolls, chicken baguettes, burgers, cheese, tomato, ham sandwiches, and similar ‘comfort food’.

SHINY SPOON: Salads, a variety of meat and vegetarian snacks, smoothies, yogurt, muesli, cereal bars and other ‘healthy’ options.

KNIFE & FORK / PAPER BAG: We can also do plated meals and packed lunches. Plated meals will need a covered space for us to serve from and for crew to sit and eat. Packed lunches just need time and a paper bag. Call us to discuss options and details.

USUALLY ON BOARD: Tea, fresh ground coffee, a variety of soups, orange juice, milk, soft drinks, bottled water, fresh fruit, toast and conserves, chocolate bars, cake, biscuits and a variety of munchies and chewing gum.

NON-FOOD: High visibility jackets, ear plugs, rigger gloves, 13a sockets for phone charging, AA and AAA batteries, cigarette papers, sun bloc... And anything else (within reason) you would like to have available to your crew.